Kinesthetic Literacy Part 1: Muscle Function

Issue: No Anatomy Classes Adults, kids, pretty much nobody on this planet is being exposed to anatomy education. Kinesthetic literacy has been oriented around sports, dance, and thats about it. And even these complex scenarios where movements are taught, they aren't…

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FRESH: An Acronym For Life

BALANCING THE HUMAN SYSTEM As I've grown in the fitness and health industry the hardest part to train in myself and clients has been balance. Building muscle, a routine gym schedule, or even working to achieve certain strength goals has always been…

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Single Leg Exercise: Are You Stable?

Single leg training can be one of the most important components to strengthening and aligning your hip, knee, and ankle. This exercise is one I do each day I train my lower body, as well as days off. It may look like…

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Turning On The Posterior & Anterior Chains

Having a posterior chain that receives the message to 'turn-on' is going to help us in the world of movement for many reasons. Apart from being a major contributor to uprightness and posture, it is also a contributor to lifting load off…

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Lengthen and Strengthen Your Hips!

I was an athlete for 15 years before I met my hips for the first time. It was in college and I had started taking pilates and yoga to help polish my running, swimming, and weightlifting. I was always "taught"…

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