Read what clients have to say about the personal training, bodywork and mindfulness coaching services offered through Train Rugged. 

personal trainer reviews

Motivation for Body & Mind

Rob’s knowledge of anatomy is unparalleled. This allows him to design trainings that minimize time commitment and maximize performance. Always willing to explain the rationale behind the movement, he motivates both the body and the mind!


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A Rewarding Experience

Training with Rob has been such a rewarding experience for me. Since working with him, I feel stronger and have better posture. Rob is extremely knowledgable about the kinetics of the body, and teaches simple movements I can do to improve myself.


personal training and coach testimonials

Personalized Instruction

Rob has a superb ability to explain, motivate, and continually personalize instruction while using time efficiently and well. He brings expertise in strength training, yoga, and anatomy, as well as contagious curiosity and zest for
each day.


personal training and coach testimonials

A New Awareness

Working with and learning from Rob has helped me to gain a new awareness of my physical, mental, and spiritual body. I now find myself frequently thinking about how I can improve my biomechanics, movement, and postural patterns in all areas of life from how I sit at my desk to how I walk up a hill. I am extremely grateful for Rob’s body enthusiasm and expertise and look forward to continue learning, growing, and evolving with his guidance.


personal trainer reviews

Sharing, Learning & Team Building

I have so enjoyed working, sharing, learning and team building with Rob. He has done the work, and it shows! Both in his knowledge of the body and his putting that into action with teaching.


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Confidence-Building for Athletes

As a former collegiate athlete, I loved working with Rob and truly appreciated his passion for learning and teaching. Rob was able to see me through some really challenging times and never gave up on finding different options that worked for me in all aspects of health and wellness. I typically find it very difficult to allow myself to fail and be vulnerable around others; Rob’s encouragement, consistency and ability to adapt really allowed me to build confidence in what I was trying to accomplish.


personal trainer reviews

Functional Fitness for All Ages

Rob is unlike any personal trainer I have ever encountered. He has incredible depth and breadth of understanding how the body functions. His diligent study (ongoing) and experience have given him a platform to create successful regimens specific to each client. As an active 70 year old, Rob has helped me reverse a decline in physical functioning. The results were quite evident in my recent travels to S.E. Asia and Indonesia where I climbed volcanoes and explored caves with extremely challenging and slippery surfaces.


testimonials train rugged

Stronger & More Balanced

I’ve worked with many wonderful, highly qualified trainers over the years and I can earnestly say that Rob outshines them all. His extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesthetics and beyond, coupled with his intuitive, nuanced, and integrative approach enables Rob to help his clients develop functional strength, mobility and bodily integrity in a highly personalized fashion. This alone sets Rob above the rest, but his patience, attentiveness, adaptability, full-heartedness, passion, and presence puts Rob in a league of his own. Whether you sign up for a single session or become a regular, you’ll leave each session feeling stronger and more balanced in body & mind, empowered and motivated to treat your body with the care & attention it deserves, and incredibly grateful to Rob and yourself for time and money well spent. I guarantee it.


personal training and coach testimonials

Progressive Training for the Body & Mind

Rob teaches a personalized bio-mechanics based, progressive training plan that takes into account my whole body and past injuries I might have experienced. My tennis, yoga poses, and overall fitness have clearly improved as a result of my increased pliability, strength, stability, stamina, and balance. Rob begins his sessions through myofascial release exercises related to the day’s agenda and ends the class with an appropriate wind-down to relax the muscles that were used the most. I appreciate Rob’s clarity of focus and ability to give precise explanations. As a tennis player, pain-free movement is important to my success and enjoyment. Rob’s knowledge of biomechanics has helped me gain an awareness of how optimal movement requires a solid foundation, the appropriate kind of breathing, and safe, efficient employment of the correct muscles. Training with Rob has been a significant addition to my training and to the offerings at the Om Namo Center. I have really enjoyed this series and I highly recommend it to anyone who is committed to improving their health, fitness and movement plus, simultaneously desires to remain injury-free.


personal training and coach testimonials

Feel the Difference

Before Rob I had been working with trainers doing traditional bodybuilding type exercises. Eventually this led to constant injuries and setbacks. Rob walked into my life and it was a breath of fresh air. He is a trainer, but more so an educator with a depth of knowledge unparalleled to anyone I’ve worked with. His awareness to the subtleties of my body  have helped me regain flexibility, balance, and whole-body strength. Additionally, he performs myofascial therapy to me once a week to help keep my muscles well circulated. Train with him and feel the difference.


personal trainer reviews

I Don’t Hurt Anymore

Rob came into my life at a time when I was facing surgeries, both in my knee and neck. After being advised by my bodyworker to seek guidance to avoid the going under the knife, he sent me to Rob. We clicked and it caused a shift in my life. He looks at your body and sees what isn’t doing its job. Every time we train he pumps life back into me through ‘workouts’, breath work, and general body awareness. Today my knee and neck issues have subsided significantly, and I’ve improved my energy levels and capacity to do physical work. I don’t hurt anymore. Without realizing it I’ve also become more coordinated and have improved in my balance. Rob’s approach exercises your brain and body!


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A Change of Habit

I was in chronic pain, emotionally and physically. An acupuncturist told me about a guy who approached training from a holistic perspective. I was an athlete as a kid, so I didn’t think there was much I didn’t know how to do at the gym. Boy was I wrong. Rob immediately joined me on my journey and shined light on areas of my body and life I wasn’t putting time into. I didn’t understand how to change my habits…he helped show me how to let go of what wasn’t serving me.


personal trainer reviews

Valuable Explanations & Understanding

I’ve been a massage therapist for over 20 years and have grown to know Rob through our time working together. I’ve been amazed at Rob’s innate ability to palpate, feel, and interact with my body. He doesn’t hesitate and goes after what he sees as necessary. Even more impressive is his ability to give concrete explanations of why he works in one area versus another. For being so young, Rob is talented with his eyes and hands.


testimonials train rugged

Cognitive Flexibility & Changing Behaviors

I’ve struggled with my body my whole life. I’ve been overweight, addicted to food, and allergic to physical activity. I came across one of Rob’s flyers, “Build Yourself,” it said. I called him up and was hooked from then on. He didn’t care that I was 74, he told me about how the body can change. He spoke about cognitive flexibility and about changing behaviors. We trained several times a week, breaking through mental and physical challenges together. He got me to lose the excess weight, educated me on cooking, and made it so I could go into old age upright and capable of functioning in my daily life. To this day we’re friends, and he still imparts mind-body wisdom on me. A remarkable young man, lightyears ahead of the rest.


personal training and coach testimonials

Invaluable Trainer & Bodyworker

I’ve known Rob for many years, and he is invaluable, as a trainer and a bodyworker. Its rare to find a practitioner who can be a one-stop-shop for your body and health needs. He knows more about manual therapy than many physical therapists or chiropractors, and I see faster result working with him. No matter what I need that day, Rob understands the intricacies of the nervous system and caters towards where I am.


personal training and coach testimonials

A Solution for Pain & Imbalance

With a light heart and a pointed direction, Rob demonstrates patience and competence in the field of training. He’s articulate, intuitive, and gives reasoning for everything he does. Do you have pain? He can help that. Out of balance? He can feel that. His skill to recalibrate the body is remarkable. I cannot recommend him enough.


personal trainer reviews

Vast Understanding of the Human Body

Rob’s understanding of the whole picture is vast. He makes it his priority to help me feel more comfortable and capable in the world. When something doesn’t make sense, he slows training down and goes back to the foundations of human movement. Rob keeps me interested in my body and has taught me to appreciate all that goes into balancing it.