Personal Training & Bodywork in Santa Barbara, CA

Change in the field of health and wellness is moving at breakneck speed. Technology has entered the arena, and it feels like every week there is a new virtual trainer device out. Some say that personal training is dead. Personal Trainer Rob Stephenson believes it is the perfect time for a personal training revolution. 

Train Rugged works with athletes, non-athletes, pre- and post-surgery patients, and anybody going through something in their body. Regain emotional and physical balance by figuring out where you are, and where you want to go. Rob has over 12-years of experience working in therapeutic, clinical, and athletic settings, and knows how to fine tune the process of biomechanically sound movement. If you wish to propel yourself into this world with confidence in how you move—to evolve into a more embodied version of your being—then contact Rob today.


Optimize your body’s mechanics and take a holistic approach towards developing a healthier physiology. Drawing from several modalities, Rugged focuses on integrating your muscular, fascial, joint, and nervous systems harmoniously to create a body that is engaged, pliable, and well-circulated. Optimize your recovery and develop performance sustainability by changing how you train. Reclaim your health today!


Bridging the gap between healthcare and self-care, bodywork expert Rob Stephenson has solutions to make your body less fragile and more resilient in your day-to-day environment. Combining his passion of myofascial therapy with his movement expertise, Rob delivers top-notch bodywork to create a more at ease and aligned environment for healing to take place in your body.


Unify your brain with your body by tweaking small habits and developing a healthier value system. Learn how to improve resting states, meditative practices, or general self-care by incorporating small behavior changes into your life.

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