Make your body less fragile and more resilient in your day-to-day environment by improving the way your body responds to the environment. Structural integration, breath work, and postural corrective exercises are one of the best ways to better align yourself in the world. Because everybody is at a unique place in their body, you may be looking for deep fascial bodywork, joint mobilization, physical therapy, or help with your breath and posture. Bodywork is broad, so you can read about the individual strategies below.

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Structural Bodywork & Myofascial Treatment

 Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues that permeate your entire body. This work realigns, releases and balances the body, thereby restoring flexibility, revitalizing your energy, and leaving you feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

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structural bodywork

Physical Therapy & Prehab/Rehab

The combination of spatial medicine, personal training, and manual therapy is the best way to figure out your shortcomings, inefficient patterns, and how to overcome any imbalances you have. Using a broad range of tools, these hands-on treatments are perfect for any body.

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posture and breath work

Posture, Breath, and Core Integration

Moving more helps us feel physical sensations deeper in our bodies. However, when done without mindfulness, we are at a higher likelihood of injury. My restorative classes and mindful strength lessons are perfect for athletes who have ongoing chronic or acute pains.

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alignment training

Alignment Training & Corrective Exercise

Use techniques that remove stress from your body. Implement corrective exercises that promote spinal integrity and anti-inflammatory responses on your joints. The more aligned you are, the less friction and stress your body will produce.

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prehab, rehabilitation & back on track

Joint Conditioning: Biomechanical Consults

Condition your joints to have accessibility to their full ranges of motion. Build tendon strength, muscle-length potential, and overall improved structural functioning. Regular check-ins and assigned at-home work helps improve your body’s circulation.

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injury prevention and pliability

Pelvic Floor Therapy & Pre/Post Partum

Pelvic floor health is taboo to talk about, yet it is one of the most important parts of your body to understand. Women both pre and post-partum benefit greatly from developing pelvic floor awareness, as well as men.

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