Prevent future injuries with prehab: implementing effective exercise regimens into your daily life. Learn to relax overactive muscles and strengthen dormant parts of your body. Learn the ins and outs of how to get better faster, and without further compensation. Prehab and sports rehab treatments include:

  • Wound care for an injury or after surgery
  • Joint protection, building resilient joints
  • Exercise and strengthening programs
  • Breathing techniques, learning to breathe
  • Home exercise programs
  • Injury prevention and safety

Be Proactive About Your Physical Wellness

If you’ve ever experienced an injury, you know that your body is capable of reverting back to it’s old patterns, postures, and pains when not treated wholly. Sports rehabilitation specialist Rob Stephenson takes a different approach by giving you education you can use! Combining the best techniques used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths, he will work with you along the path towards regaining any movement that was lost. You’ll work side-by-side through progressions of movements that will help to prevent the injury from flaring up again. Injury prevention and safety strategies unique to Train Rugged include:

  • Taking a globalized rather than localized approach to overcoming setbacks
  • Integrating the whole body instead of relying on isometrics to fix what’s been broken
  • At-home exercise routines so you can heal while also preventing re-injury
  • Teaching diaphragm, core, and glute engagement

Vestibular Rehabilitation:
Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized therapy to alleviate vestibular disorders such as dizziness, gaze instability and/or imbalance and falls. Vestibular disorders can diminish overall quality of life and contribute to problems like anxiety, depression, and a sedentary lifestyle. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy corrects symptoms through tailored exercise programs that integrate habituation, gaze stabilization and balance training.

Your initial assessment is free. Tell me about your injury, what your healing process has been like so far, and what your short- and long-term physical goals are. We’ll figure out if prehab or sports rehab is a good match for you, and start to devise a plan of rehabilitation.

Schedule Your Free Prehab or Sports Rehab Assessment

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