Train Rugged is a protocol of physical training and bodywork that allows optimal functioning and healing to take place. It is a blend of movement patterns, joint motions, and structural integration that navigates you to new space in your body so that harmony can prevail.  Training focuses on the gait of the individual and building applicable strength and functional mobility as necessary. The bodywork focuses on hydrating tissues and unbinding parts of the body that limit joint capability, capacity, and range of motion.

Whether it is through movement or stillness, Train Rugged evens out imbalances and amplifies energy levels. Train Rugged teaches you how to continuously improve when training without agitating your joints or muscles more. This could be through physical exercise, myofascial therapy, or by cultivating a breathing / self-care practice, but the objective is simple; put good stress on the muscles and take bad stress off the joints! By creating space to grow in new areas of your joints, your body will naturally become more balanced in ways you have not yet imagined.

Through the process of creating space between the layers of tissues your body will begin to respond, metabolize, and function in a more efficient manner.


Through movement re-education, Rob uses the concept of “finding center” to help the body restore its naturally occurring healing powers and strength. One modality Rob uses is the Flow Motion Model. It is a comprehensive joint-by-joint protocol that helps him assess and assign movement patterns that will give your muscles no option but to contract and support you and lift you through your life. He will examine how your joints move in three dimensions and then develop a program where you are least comfortable, thus widening your comfort zone. Education begins day one, and it’s that simple!

Rob also pairs training therapies with Structural Integration, a type of bodywork that works progressively through the entire body; first surface, then core, then bringing the two together in integrated harmony. Similar to osteopathic movement techniques, Structural Integration draws on many sources, especially evolution, embryology, anthropology, fascial research, and the emerging science of body tissue plasticity. This modality helps differentiate tissues, nerves, and arteries and creates space in the body where previously there was none, allowing room for growth.

In addition to bodywork, every client at Train Rugged goes through regular joint assessments and gait training to help improve their primary evolutionary characteristic of walking. An improved gait translates to improved joint accessibility, increased access to dormant musculature, and a more thorough understanding of how to build physical and mental resiliency.


An integrative movement practitioner, Rob offers a unique combination of bodywork techniques that are designed to reprogram the mind-body connection, psychosomatic components, and achieve long-term physical health. Rob believes that fitness can keep the body healthy, and his goal is to teach clients to move in a way that promotes healing, growth, and recovery all at the same time. He believes that a key part of longevity for everyone is to have joints that experience the movement potential they were blessed with.


As a results oriented practitioner, Rob has developed a cutting-edge and systematic approach to build the body, improve hormonal function, create muscle elasticity, and optimize joint mechanics. This system is built on the laws of biomechanics and by having people train intentionally. For this reason, sessions are constant in that they focus on the basics within the basics, always building on the previous lesson, and fundamental human movements.

Overuse, misuse, and the lack of self-care lead to some of the largest degenerative diseases that we see in the 21st-century. Train Rugged uses your personal anatomy as the roadmap when figuring out how to best build your body in a functional and effective way. Lessons, treatments, and training are personalized to each client based on “where you are in space” so that we can get you functioning more easily from where you are. Since we are all different – psychologically, emotionally, and physically – every person must have movement codified in a way that best suits them. Rob takes an alignment approach by looking at your frame and then personalizes movement to fit you, creating training practices that help you understand how your body works.

Learn how to associate muscular tension across several joints, engage deep layers of your core, and also relax parts of your body that overwork. You will develop malleability in your fascial system and your appreciation for movement will unwind. Discover how training with intention and awareness can maximize your mechanical efficiency and feel your joints move the way they were designed to. Because Train Rugged is focused on personal progress, it is excellent for the average person who wishes to train for the long game of life with a focus on sustainability and longevity.


Overtime Train Rugged changes how you function day to day because you begin to understand what it means to support and carry yourself through life. Train Rugged sessions will get your body doing just about anything you want it to (within reason). In a time when most people want a quick fix, Train Rugged serves as the solution to sustainable and progressive training. Your first session will leave you starting to feel how core connectivity and proper alignment are paramount stepping stones to improving your strength, endurance, stability and anything else you desire. With the modalities utilized at Train Rugged, clients will experience more optimal movement and pain free living.

The Train Rugged vision is to bring people to a higher consciousness of body and mind through awareness and by cultivating a rich connection to our human selves. Rob’s goal is to provide excellent service and exceptional results to every client. For some it may be a way to manage chronic pain, aging, post-surgery, or performance enhancement; for others it will simply be a way to feel healthier and more fully connected to one’s own self. If you are interested in revitalizing your health, maximizing your strength and power, and reclaiming a sense of a balanced self, you must start at the beginning. Train Rugged is a way to take that leap and step outside of yourself and get back in touch with the only vessel you were given on this planet – your body. We have more to love about our bodies than we realize. Do yourself a favor and invest in your health in a way that builds your brain and your body.


Ready to take the first step towards improving the way you feel and function? Take advantage of my offer for a free consultation. I offer personal training, sports massage and bodywork services in Santa Barbara, CA. Through a holistic approach to physical fitness and whole-body wellness, I can help you be your best self.

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