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Mind Body Training • Mental Resilience Training in the Mesa

Mind Body Training & Mental Resilience


The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
–Thomas Edison


If you plan on changing or evolving your health for the better there is a lot more to pay attention to besides ‘working out.’ At Train Rugged we are advocates for mind body training and whole body health—psychological, emotional, and physical. That’s why we concentrate our efforts on educating individuals about the benefits that can come from using a holistic minded approach to mind body training and mental resilience training. Train Rugged is about building a new relationship with your body, and this requires concentrated attention in ways that are unorthodox in the ‘exercise world’

Think of Train Rugged as a protocol for training for life. We do this by using sustainable mind body training practices and prioritizing longevity of the whole human system. Dedicated to your health, we talk with clients about the following:

Sleep: Sleep is a free and natural therapy that we need to improve the ways our brains function and the speeds at which our bodies receive messages.

Nutrition: Nobody is the same when it comes to eating, and we all have emotional relationships with food. However, learning to fuel your body for its daily activities and getting the correct nutrients matters.

Hydration: We’re made of mostly water, and so is our fascia. The blood in your brain is the same blood in your feet, and the more we can foster this interconnected relationship the more we can feel our bodies move. This is achieved through bodywork and training.

Cognitive: Neuroplasticity is all about increasing the rate at which our synapses fire as well as receive and understand new information. This is a major part of mental resilience training.

Stress: We live in a world where too much of anything causes negative feedback and unnecessary inflammation. Learn how to train or relax in a way that promotes healthy stress and teaches you how to reduce stress that is unneeded.

Centering: We all need to center our minds and bodies if we want to get to the next level. Using breathing techniques, meditation, or bodywork can be great ways to understand what we’re holding onto that we no longer need.

Biomechanics: The guiding principle at Train Rugged, biomechanics gets you moving the way your joints intended to. Restore options that you once had by training your body to its fullest capacity.

Recovery: Muscles have to be able to lengthen, shorten, and relax. Muscles that overwork need to learn to shut off, and dormant muscles have to learn how to wake up. A lot of this depends how your recovery is.

Balance: You get more out of yourself when you’re balancing your work, relationships, and personal life. It’s not about increasing whats necessary, its about decreasing whats unnecessary.

Conditioning: A strong heart will provide higher oxygenated blood to muscles, allowing for better movement, and increasing our capacity to do work. When we can use more of our bodies we can do more in the world.

Grounding: Earthing is the process of putting your bare skin in contact with the ground. There is a 20-year body of medical research showing this reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, and helps rid the body of toxins which contribute to chronic pain and disease.

Intermittent Fasting: Fasting has been proven to help increase white blood cells and reduce excess body fat by putting the body into ketosis. It allows your organs to ‘rest’ and ‘recover’ instead of constantly working. The growing body of literature continues to show that regular fasting is correlated to longevity of life.

AM / PM Sunlight: Low level ultra violet rays help activate mitochondria in the cells, which are the producers of ATP, which is the energy currency of your cells. ATP stores and transports chemical energy in cells and is necessary for muscular contraction. Vitamin-D is also a prerequisite for calcium absorption into your bones.

Awareness: The more you can access, the more you can use. When you can use more of yourself, you feel better and more confident. Developing a new awareness for how you hold and carry yourself in the world can help shape your body into whatever you want.

Reflexivity: Building balanced length tension relationships in your body will teach your muscles to be reflexive when responding to movements in daily life that would normally challenge you. Joints act, muscles react, we want to train our muscles to do their jobs subconsciously.


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