Corrective Exercise and Building The Core

Corrective exercise is the most effective way to re-teach your brain what you want it to do. Corrective exercise is something we all can benefit form, not only ‘injured’ or ‘out of shape’ people. Corrective movement programs help wake up and engage with dormant tissues. With over 600 muscles in the human body, you can bet that you’ve got something that is dtysfunctioning and would benefit from being ‘corrected’.

Addressed in private sessions, but also made for you to do at home or at work, these exercises are tailored to your restrictions, so no two correctives are exactly alike. When paired with active breathing practices and self-myofascial release techniques- correctives help undo locked tissues and open up a whole new possibility of pain-free and efficient movement.

The core program goes like this, you have layers of your abdominals. And each corrective is going to strengthen your core to a degree. Even when it feels like you’re correcting a hip issue, a big way of overcoming that problem is going to lie in strengthening and lengthening your core layers in a multitude of positions.

I Can Help You:

  • Regain mobility, strength, and flexibility with an exercise therapy program
  • Regain your range of motion and strength following surgery
  • Heal or prevent athletic injuries
  • Use Awareness Through Movement to improve proprioception* and kinesthetics

*Proprioception refers to your sense of your body’s effort and how it is moving, including how one part of your body is moving in relation to another, for ex., your arm in relationship to your hand. Proprioception is one of the body’s sensory abilities.

Your first-time assessment is free. Let me perform a postural assessment so we can review what you uniquely stand to gain from a postural analysis and correction.

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