Regain freedom in yourself by becoming the active player in solving your injury. Leaning away from traditional medicine, my approach towards rehabilitation and healing involves looking at the bigger piece of the puzzle: you. My methods strive to reconnect the dots in your body after an injury.

Together we will come up with effective ‘connective’ exercise routines that help you actually feel your body getting better. I draw from several modalities to address your pain, and offer solutions that will encourage the healing process. My out-of-the-box thinking will get you where you want to be. Typically any physical ailment or dysfunction can be solved once we look at the motion of what is causing the pain.

Physical Therapy & Manual Myofascial Therapy

  • Education and information about your condition, treatment program, and home exercises
  • Manual therapy techniques to improve range of motion and flexibility in your joints
  • Integrative functional treatment — this makes your therapy part of the movements and activities of your daily life at home and work
  • Joint manipulation and spinal tractioning
  • Vestibular therapy, proprioception assessments
  • Home exercise program — no treatment is complete without the exercises you do on your own at home!

Whether the pain is ongoing, new, or it comes and goes, let’s have a conversation about it. Most pain can be figured out, and I need a chance to work with you to get a better sense of it. Identifying the root cause can be the most important piece of the puzzle.


Functional restoration is a scientifically based approach to chronic pain and disability. Patients are given psychological education which helps them return to a more functional lifestyle. This integrative approach results in reconditioning of meuromuscular, sensory, and cognitive responses to pain. Each program tailored to needs of each patient.

Your first assessment is free. Find out if structural bodywork is the right solution for your needs, and get to know me and my philosophy.

Schedule Your Free Assessment

It’s important we get to know one another better before committing to a long-term fitness program, Schedule a complimentary phone call with me. We can get to know each other, see if we’re a good fit, and start talking about what you want to change in your life. Just complete the brief form below and I’ll be in touch to schedule your session.


Ready to take the first step towards improving the way you feel and function? Take advantage of my offer for a free consultation. I offer personal training, sports massage and bodywork services in Santa Barbara, CA. Through a holistic approach to physical fitness and whole-body wellness, I can help you be your best self.

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