Optimize your body’s mechanics and take a holistic approach towards developing a healthier physiology. Drawing from several modalities, Rugged focuses on integrating your muscular, fascial, joint, and nervous systems harmoniously to create a body that is engaged, pliable, and well circulated. We use different training styles to meet you where you are and best drive your results. Below you can find descriptions of what exactly constitutes a specific style or approach.

fitness training for all ages

Rugged Training for All Ages

Personal training designed to make you more well rounded and able-bodied. Learn to get your joints moving optimally and tissues responding favorably. Use a wide variety of movements and constantly-changing elements to build your body as an integrated highly-functioning system.

fitness over 50

Fitness Over 50

Strength, balance, and flexibility training is crucial for aging adults. As we age our bodies stiffen up, lean muscle mass and bone density decreases, and range of motion in the joints is reduced. Come in and reacquaint yourself with your body by mastering the basics!

sports specific personal training

Sport-Specific Training & Performance

Workouts centralize around strengthening neural-connections to the movements and aerobic capacities unique to your sport or goal. Learn how to safely and effectively implement exercises that aid your recovery and maximize your performance. 

personal training for women

Personal Training for Women

Training the female body requires a deep understanding of the anatomical and physiological qualities that make a woman’s body respond positively to personal training. Forget about bootcamps and instead shift your focus to training intentionally with purpose!

Adolescent Fitness Programs

Adolescent Fitness Programs

Consistent training not only helps instill good fitness and nutritional values in teens and adolescents, but it also helps build their confidence and develop healthy habits that will last long into the future. Teach your children to train smarter without beating themselves up.

Mindful Movement & Awareness

Mindful Movement & Awareness

Alignment being the navigating principle, hone in on the physical benefits of yoga and martial arts. Gentle movements are excellent at creating long-lasting connective tissue health and improves blood and lymph circulation.