Teen Training

Whether you’re playing team sports or individual sports, teenagers need to be putting in time outside of practice to keep the athletic edge over their competition. What sets Train Rugged programs apart from other teen programs is that your son or daughter will be developed in a safe way while also emphasizing education of their anatomy. They’ll learn the fundamentals of movement, without overloading their nervous system and without risk of doing too much while they are still growing. We teach kids how to workout for life, so that they can carry themselves through the weight rooms in college, and always fall back on what they learned from Rugged’s Training Systems. This is crucial because as they compete, they will have to know how to perform self maintenance on their bodies and understand how to avoid inflammation in their joints. These are the sorts of things we teach them from day one.

Training as a youth helps improve confidence and helps keep kids interested in the right things; like health, progress, and their bodies. We have trained several teams over the years, from swimmers, to football players, to wrestling teams and have helped all athletes achieve both scholarships and personal bests in their sport. All athletes we graduate leave with an improved sense of self and a heightened awareness of their anatomy and how to move with more precision in the world.


Your first-time assessment is free. This is where you and I meet and talk about who you are and what you want. From there, I’ll assess your current level of fitness, movement, and recommend a training plan tailored to meet your goals while accommodating your lifestyle. After each session, I often assign “take-home” exercises for you to practice on your own. Instructions for these exercises will be provided via email and/or video content to help you remember what you have learned.

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