Sport Specific Personal Training

These training sessions are workout sessions centralized around movements unique to your sport, whatever it may be. Want to learn how to run long distances or improve a time on a run? Do you want to improve how much weight you lift? Are your goals performance related? Then this is for you. I coach athletes preparing for weightlifting competitions, endurance racing, team sports, snow sports, team sports, CrossFit, and several other competitive activities. Preparation includes educating athletes on body maintenance and self-care while competing, as well as on how to move your body safely in ways conducive to reaching your goals.

Sport-specific training is perfect for teenagers, weekend warriors, and adult athletes. Anyone can progress in performance if they learn how to prevent pain and become more pliable. Train Rugged’s sports specific program teaches athletes of all ages how to move better for the long haul.

Training for specific sport adaptations will cover a broad range of topics including:

  • Movement assessments, how to develop mental toughness
  • Stabalizing the knee and ACL prevention techniques
  • Building joint control, tendon and ligament strength, elasticity in the tissue
  • Linear and lateral drills, linear and lateral speed, crossover speed
  • Med Ball Work, jump training, force and power development, strength training, conditioning
  • Progressions/regressions, and PRECISE programming (what I actually use in the weight room with athletes – periodized sets & reps & phases)


Your initial assessment is free. We can get to know each other, see if we’re a good match, and discuss your specific needs and goals.

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