New Year

Heading into the New Year means different things to everybody. Some see it as the time to make that change they’ve been wanting to make, and for others it’s another day in the life. I mean after all, you can…

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A New World

A New World If there was a world you had never been to, and it was safe. Would you travel there? And if in that world there were answers to questions you have, and it was safe to investigate it,…

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Bones: They’ll Be Here Long After You’re Gone

I studied with an osteopath who once told me, “listen to your bones…they’ll be here long after you’re gone.” There’s great wisdom in that offering. Our bones are, contradictory to popular belief, soft tissues that make up our skeleton. Inside…

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Aerobic Capacity: Training’s Silver Bullet

Train Your Heart Aerobic training is often classified into the 'cardio' category of training. We automatically think of running, step classes, swimming, basically any activity that is longer than 15 minutes of continuous movement and work. These are all examples…

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Functional Training Advice: Part 1

The buzz is out everybody, functional training is in. But what is functional training? Everybody seems to have a gimmick, in a moment I'm going to share my gimmick, but seriously, wtf is functional training? A lot of times, programs and…

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Glute Max: How To Load

Evolutionary Biology If you study anthropology, you'll learn that one of the ways that humans came to rise above other animal classes is that we stood up. Our jaws got smaller as our brains grew larger, and eventually this led to…

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