The Ramifications of Improper Body Use Are Big

Now more than ever before, people are suffering from degenerative diseases. There is no coincidence that this has happened since we begun using our bodies less. What is interesting is that connective tissues; tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage, are all regenerative! Although physicians are quick to diagnose your body, or label you as having something wrong with it, they aren’t putting in enough work to talk with you about solutions to overcome it.

Orthopedics, physical therapy, podiatry, chiropractic, a lot of these industries are not going into the details of your body enough. You are unique, your body is incredibly smart, resilient, and adaptable. Some of this has been forgotten in modern medicine. You need more than exercise or quick fix solutions, and Rob hopes to deliver on that. All too often doctors prescribe exercises, they give you a prescription, or they offer “minimally invasive” surgery. Some people see you for 15-30 minutes, with the impression the body can be ‘fixed’ in that amount of time. Like wise, personal trainers and yoga teachers arbitrarily choose movements for you to do to ‘work you out’, with little regard to your body, history, and mental state.

When you consider you’re working against years of a habit or injury, no amount of sessions or fitness crammed into an insurance based western model is going to help you inhabit or change your body for the long haul. Yes, you will feel changes, but the body deserves more time than a ‘walk-in and walk-out’, quick stop approach. Fitness and yoga is similar in the sense that ‘working out’ will not necessarily help you solve your barriers, pains, and physical limitations. Your daily physical health cannot be a box to check off. It has to serve a purpose and the way you train and move has to be useful to your everyday life.


Often times one can restore homeostatic balance to their body by simply moving more. And not in careless, robotic ways, but instead by moving in useful ways that translate to daily activity. We can look objectively at our body, feel our physical limitations and see if we can move beyond them by reintroducing joint motion where there was no joint motion before. Think about movement as nutrition for your body. We know in order to be healthy there are nutrients, vitamins, and minerals we need. The body is the same way! There is a hierarchy of movements our body needs to function soundly, be pain free, and feel healthier on a daily basis. Through intentional exercises, biomechanics, and thoughtful movement practices we can avoid a lot of the unnecessary pains and problems that come with age.

Train Rugged’s vision is to crack the mold by modernizing approaches in the field of spatial/physical medicine. Cookie cutter exercises, unnecessary surgeries, and oral drugs is not a sustainable solution. Beyond that, these methods, do not respect the wisdom of the body. Often times it disempowers people from themselves and forks over all the control to the practicing physician. This is intrusive and inefficient. Going under the knife has got to be a last resort. When we cut tissues, they don’t just bounce back, and more often times than not, surgeries can be 100% avoided.


What you do today and everyday with your body will determine its shelf life. Thats one of the reasons why alignment training is so effective is because it helps reconfigure how your muscles and joints work to support your body in productive ways. This way you begin to use your body more efficiently and without causing excessive wear and tear on your joints and other body parts.

Modern medicine has done wonders in the 21st-century. When somebody has debilitating pain, or a broken bone these approaches, especially post-operative, are beneficial. Often times, western medicine intervenes because the individual waited too long to prioritize their physical health. “The individual waited until there was a fire to put it out.” However, through the right kind of training and coaching these sorts of things are not necessary. Train Rugged hopes to educate its’ communities and provide self-care practices to all those in need to help mitigate surgeries and the use of external drugs.

Rob has extensive experience working with physical therapists, chiropractors, accupuncturists, biomechanists, and some of the best practitioners in the field of anatomy. Surgeries can be necessary for certain circumstances, and when all other options have been exhausted, are positively effective.

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