Think “create core tension when you breathe out” and as you breathe in, “relax into the floor, fill the back of your shirt with your spine”. But DO NOT let go of the tension you created, be sure to maintain tension on abdominals


This week’s video is a progression of something I saw from Naudi Aguilar of Functional Patterns. One of my favorite ground warmups, quadped breathing is a way to warmup from the inside out; diaphragm, TVA, everything from your head to your toes. It intends to give you an improved sense of posture and how to utilize your core in a more efficient way.

Unraveling Potential
Your Shoulders and Hips are analogs of one another, they are interdependent on one another. To move one is to effect the other. This movement should be honed in on for several years of training, constantly looking to strengthen the endurance of the hold and progress to more advanced variations. It’s foundational and fundamental with all training clients. Apply this to further understand how to potentiate the front line of the body, as well as the back line. Remember, expand your ribs laterally when you inhale, and on exhale keep the head pressing to the ceiling.

Rules: Speaking The Same Language
You’re looking to feel a neutral spine here. This includes cranium, rib basket, pelvis, and spinal column. Excessive anterior or posterior tilts are incorrect. Be sure to pull your head back and engage the scapulae towards each other. Navel draws in as you traction your wrists towards your knees. Fire your toes, engage your adductors, and work towards neutral. Your femurs have slight medial (internal) rotation, and your arms will be between a lateral and medial rotation as well.

Everyday, if not every other. Breaths will be different for everybody, but I encourage you to hang out here, first with knees down, and eventually knees up. Figure out how to create the tension within your core. Let your core bridge the connections from the hips to the shoulders. Be precise and deliberate with your position!

Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions!


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