What Determines the Shape of Our Body?

Jobs, lifestyles, mental frameworks, emotional states, the way we exercise, all of these things one way or another effect how our bodies adapt. As we age, our bodies mold to the environments that we put them into. In the modern day we tend to do a lot of sitting, or standing, or driving, and so our bodies start to adapt to these positions. The brain literally begins to think that “this is how the body works”.

When this happens, we begin to lose the awareness of how the body evolved to actually work. You are born with hips that hinge, spines that flex and extend, and even feet that pronate and supinate. However, because of life choices and habits, we begin to lose options that were originally on the menu. Muscles get diagnosed as “tight” or “short”, and joints begin to lose their unique ranges of motion. Muscles begin to harden, joints calcify, and then we have a problem. And all of this occurs because of the adaptations our bodies grow into over a set period of time.

Body Use and Posture

It is through this overuse, misuse, underuse, or abuse that our bodies begin to move inefficiently and eventually stiffen up in all the wrong places. Train Rugged seeks to educate clients and give them back power by teaching them how to restore options back into their body. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and your body won’t be re-built that quickly either. Over time, shifts will happen, and things will change. It starts with the simple idea of “training your body where it isn’t.”

Below is a wonderful video that explains body use and the direction we’re heading if we don’t start building and training our bodies differently.

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