Unify your brain with your body by tweaking small habits and developing a healthier value system. Learn how to improve resting states, meditative practices, or general self-care by incorporating small behavior changes into your life.

meditation, mindfulness & behavior

Meditation & Subtle Body

Meditation is an ancient method used to nourish the brain, body, and soul. Learn to meditate anywhere, under any circumstances, and discover the power of your breath in managing stress, awareness, and intention.

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mindful eating and nutrition

Mindful Eating & Nutrition

Nutrition is tricky at first, but I help make it simple. I meet with individuals to discuss a plan for losing excess fat,  fueling for performance, and improving lean muscle mass. Learn to change your behavior through understanding the benefits of adopting a healthier eating lifestyle.

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self care implementation

Self Care Implementation

Bridging the gap between healthcare and self-care. Self-education is a fantastic resource for trainers, teachers, and everyday warriors.Whether you’re an athlete, interested adult, or person with a body and want to amp up your self-awareness, self-education could be a perfect introduction for you.

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joint & tissue health

Joint & Tissue Health Practices

Through targeted exercises and stretches, joint & tissue health practices help you move more comfortably and confidently while resisting injury. Learn more about my joint & tissue strength philosophy.

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fresh coaching

FRESH Coaching

You can train and make grand plans to change all you want, but unless you’re tuned into the basics you’ll continue spinning your wheels. Learn how to improve cognitive functioning and develop healthier mental habits.

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anatomy education

Anatomy Education: Building a Mental Model of Yourself

Anatomy education is for body-centric people who want to know the ins and outs of why and how they operate in the world.

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