Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation is an ancient method used to nourish the brain, body, and soul. In western civilizations we have become removed from what meditation means, what breathing and mindfulness means, and – therefore – are out of touch with the benefits that come along with it.

Through meditation and mindfulness training you’ll learn:

  • Meditation anywhere, under any circumstances
  • How to calm down and lower your heart-rate with the ease of your breath
  • To feel how you can melt stress away by simply breathing and counting

Your first-time assessment is free. This is where you and I meet and talk about who you are and what you want to achieve through meditation classes. You’ll get a feel for me and my philosophy in order to decide if we’re a good match.

Schedule Your Free Assessment

I understand the importance of getting to know your meditation coach before committing to a long-term program. To schedule a free assessment, complete the form below and I’ll contact you to set up a good time.

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