What is Joint Physiology?

The human body has ~206 bones, ~350 joints, and more than 650 muscles. Simply put, our joints evolved over thousands of years. It took time in order for our hands, fingers, toes, hip, jaws, and everything else to develop the motion that it has. Fast forward to today and our joints aren’t getting the love, care, and respect they so rightfully earned. Overworking, neglecting, and improper use of our joints is leading to all kinds of ‘modern day neolithic diseases’, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, osteopenia, joint replacements, stenosis, spondylosis,

Joint physiology is all about how bones interact with each other. Through the study of bones, biomechanists like myself have learned that if the bones can be put in more efficient positions, then they can perform their jobs more easily. Even more fascinating is that if the joint improves in its ability to move, then the muscles around that joint work better.

Arthrokinematics is the study of how bone surfaces move on one another. Osteokinematics relates to how a bone moves through a specific range of motion. If you’re interested in a sustainable training program, you’ve got to understand how your bones move you, and how to move your bones. And so Train Rugged achieves this by training bones and joints to improve in their functioning and accessibility of range of motion.

What’s more interesting, is that connective tissue; cartilage, tendon, bone, all of these materials have regenerative properties, meaning that they can rebuild and strengthen. But you can only achieve this when you change the way you use your bones! When your bones and joints improve in their ability to move, you can start to unravel years of chronic pain and inefficient movement habits.


KQ is kinesthetic quotient, the equivalent to intelligence or emotional intelligence. Through biomechanics training and developing an awareness and understanding of your joints you can actually build a higher level of physical intelligence. In today’s world we over prioritize mental and emotional competency over physical, which throws the nervous system out of balance. Reclaim control of your body and entire being by restoring homeostasis and building a higher level of KQ. To learn more watch my video explanation below!

Through proper training education, one can restore options in their body that they had in a previous life. Think about it, we’re born with great hip flexion, why should we sacrifice it just because we age? Its time to modernize your approach to how you train the body. Try Train Rugged.

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