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Yoga online when combined with a competent virtual personal trainer can help reduce your body stiffness and help strengthen and lengthen your muscles for healthy capacity in your life. Sure, one could type on YouTube and find all sorts of free information out there, but typically this free content is lacking the precision and foresight that makes an effective training program worthwhile. I have a large library of free yoga workouts online, but none of them will be as challenging or specific to your body when compared to one on one sessions.

With COVID19 not slowing down, business and demand for having an online personal trainer has grown. Yoga online may help keep you moving most days, but it isn’t going to give you the variability in your body’s movement patterns that a virtual trainer will help you build. What do I mean by variability? I mean options, options you have available to yourself. Think of training similar to building a stock portfolio and making money. To make more money, it is typically advised to diversify your portfolio, or put your money in several places. Make it work for you. The body is similar, you want your joints to work for you in a diverse set of circumstances (preferably, as many as possible). And so the same goes for movement, you want options in your joints. You want to be able to move your body in a variety of patterns in different ways. And so this is where online yoga classes can not be as useful compared to a virtual personal trainer.

Take homes:

– move slowly, make this about movement exploration
– to make things more challenging, close your eyes
– notice the nuances of how your spine moves or doesn’t move
– have fun, this is intended to be informative!

I have been working as an online personal trainer for several years, and have over 13 years of experience in the preventative, rehabilitative, and performance field. Currently I am seeing people across the globe and also teaching small, private yoga online. I help give my clients more access to their bodies while maximizing efficiency throughout their movements. Please feel free to email me with questions regarding joint health, movement safety, or simply put, how to get more out of your body. I offer some of the most innovate and best online yoga programs for people of all ages and abaility levels.

Reminder, my videos are not medical advice, they are merely samples of what I have my clients do. To amplify your health and start the process of changing your body, call for a complimentary consult to learn more about having an online personal trainer.



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