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Online personal trainer TEACHES LOW BACK PAIN EXERCISE


Work on balancing your muscle tone and preventing spinal degeneration by hiring a capable and competent online personal trainer. While you’re at home practicing your social distancing, it is a great time to dial in on the fundamentals of exercise. Below you can watch online personal trainer Rob Stephenson demonstrate a simple and highly effective low back exercise.  He teaches how to use spinal flexion and pelvic rolling to alleviate back pain, SI joint compression, and help to strengthen the multifidi. Often times trainers and therapists teach “bracing the core” which can exasperate low back pain symptoms and restrict movement. We need to stop bracing / locking our muscles into a fixed position, and instead teach them how to articulate independently.

Working with a virtual personal trainer can help teach you to reset and re-code the way your body moves in daily life. Re-establish a strong connection to yourself by hiring a virtual fitness coach today- somebody who will meet you where you are and give you the results you want. You can work with Rob in his online yoga classes or privately in the comfort of your home.

Take homes:

– lie down, go slow, move at the speed of your breath
– break it into 4 parts; tail scoops, sacrum lifts, pelvis rolls, lumbar peel off the floor. Then reverse it!
– incorporate your arms, press into your palms gently for assistance from the back of your ribcage and shoulders
– 5-15 reps tops! Do not rush it!

Finding an online virtual trainer can be tough. You don’t know how experienced, empathic, or careful they are. That’s why Rob is here, to show you that trainers operate at different calibers, and he is in the upper 5%. With over 14 years of experience working with post-operative clients, injured people, overweight individuals, and elite athletes, Rob will construct a plan for you that addresses your unique body. He is trauma sensitive, works with cancer patients, specializes in chronic pain, and also trains individuals with metabolic / hormonal issues. The average online personal trainer won’t have his credentials, so you owe it to yourself to reach out for a complimentary consultation. This is your pre-habilitation, prevention, and performance in one stop.

Reminder, my videos are not medical advice, they are merely samples of what I have my clients do. Hire a virtual personal trainer today and boost your health and maximize your workouts from home.



Ready to take the first step towards improving the way you feel and function? Take advantage of my offer for a free consultation. I offer personal training, sports massage and bodywork services in Santa Barbara, CA. Through a holistic approach to physical fitness and whole-body wellness, I can help you be your best self.

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