We fall victim to postural patterns unconsciously and subconsciously everyday. Our minds, our jobs, our relationships all warp us into shapes that are inefficient for sustained movement and health. Having been a trainer for over a decade I can appreciate our body’s resiliency to overcome postural distortions and compensatory movements. However, you cannot workout the same everyday and expect long lasting change in your body. You also cannot be somebody who gets massages regularly in hopes for pain or discomfort to float away. Real change takes real effot, intentional determination to change and grow. Effort being attention and awareness of your movement biomechanics, as well as having an understanding of your anatomy’s architecture. Having an idea of what muscles aren’t letting go, and which ones are overworking can lead to incredible insight about where your limitations and discomforts are.

I’m interested in two things; improved movement and sustainable movement. Optimizing your body’s state of being does not happen over night and it takes a conscious effort day in and day out. It takes understanding of where you are and integrating functional patterns that take you out of your holding positions. I made today’s video to explain a bit more about why dormant muscles could be inhibiting your true strength and comfort potential in your body.

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