The philosophy behind Train Rugged is rooted in the undeniable link between the body and the mind. As humans, we are in a constant state of flux; shifting back and forth between mental and physical experiences. At times, these processes work beautifully in sync. At other times, there are gaps in the connection between what our minds want and how our bodies act.

My goal is to bridge that gap and solidify those connections through increased bodily awareness.

About Rob


My name is Rob and I’ve been a mover all my life. Quality of movement and longevity of health are my guiding principles. I operate under the doctrine of sustainability. The exercises I use work for the long haul and transfer to better functioning in the world. I hope to help others achieve progress without compensation, gain without loss, and improved performance with greater rewards.


Rob's Fitness Blog


My Explorations with Structural Integration

As some of you know, I spent the last two weeks of the summer in Maine studying under Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains. Tom Myers created KMI (Kinesthetic Myofacial Integration)…

Own Your Breath, Own Your Movement

Today I am going to teach you ways to own your breath and subsequently own your movement. We all know that breathing is a vital function that keeps us alive.…


I understand how important it is to get to know your trainer before committing to any length of fitness or nutrition program. I’m happy to offer a free session where we can get to know each other, assess your physical condition, discuss your goals and otherwise see if we’re a match made in fitness heaven.