yoga on the mesa

improve the adaptability, strength, and flexibility of your spine

If you want to improve the adaptability, strength, and flexibility of your spine and hips, it starts with simple movements. All too often trainers and therapists complicate the matter by over-coaching complicated motions, or—even worse—by creating rigidity throughout the spinal/pelvic region.

This video is intended to simplify standing warmups, or even act as a routine for you if you feel like you don’t move enough. There ARE REGRESSIONS and PROGRESSIONS to everything in the video, but for the sake of getting you started this is what I feel makes the most sense.

Some things to remember:

• This is not in place of rigorous exercise, rather a way to amplify it
• If you experience any pain, move LESS. Often times people move TOO MUCH without having the prerequisite range to move in.
• Don’t “hang out”, search to feel your muscles contract
• Casually and lightly breathe the entire time. Move your body at the speed of your breath
• Make this time meditative. Do it regularly until you have it memorized. Then send me a message saying, “Rob, I want more content,” and I’ll take you on a journey elsewhere in your anatomy.


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