The Sustainability / Longevity Philosophy

“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”


The philosophy behind Train Rugged is rooted in the undeniable link between the body and the mind. I believe that as humans we are in a constant state of flux, shifting back and forth between mental and physical experiences. At times, these processes work beautifully in sync; at other times, there are gaps in the connection between what our minds want and how our bodies respond. My goal is to help you to bridge those gaps and solidify the connections through increased body awareness.


As your body coach / trainer it is my focus to assist you in defining the purpose of your training program, improve your physical movement, and to give you results. Drawing from multiple modalities (structural integration, chiropractic, sports medicine, yoga, martial arts, meditation, functional training, physical therapy, neurokinetic chain rehabilitation and more), I offer various ways to teach you to move more consciously and effectively while maintaining structural integrity. I use constructive (vs destructive) training techniques that are anti-inflammatory and take stress off the body. Through the exploration of movement patterns you and I will reteach your brain and body to work in harmony so that you can redistribute stress to the muscles and off of the joints. Over our time together you will learn about any movement dysfunctions and joint restrictions that have likely developed over the course of a lifetime, and together we’ll figure out alternative solutions to correct these issues.

Train Rugged seeks to optimize human biomechanics and bridge the gap between physical therapy and daily functioning. Train Rugged seeks to teach self-care so you don’t have to get surgery or live a life of limitation. Train Rugged redefines training and treatment in the physical medicine field in order to prevent chronic pain and to promote longevity of life. Train Rugged builds the body with the brain and gives next-level results with kinesthetic learning while teaching movement with intention.


Through Train Rugged, Rob makes it his priority to help you reprogram your body via the use of biomechanics. Biomechanics is defined as the study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms. Think of biomechanics as training with physics applied to it. Rob’s expertise in biomechanics will help you undo long held physical restrictions in order to optimize the way your muscles and joints function. Basically, Rob looks at where your body is and tries to train it to where it isn’t. He will look at your body as a whole system and figure out what needs to be where and, using modalities such as dynamic breathing, isolation sequences, and integrative pattern-training – anything to widen your comfort zone – he will teach your body a new, healthier way of being.

Rob’s goal is simple. The human body is not. When you begin to understand and feel what training with alignment means, you’ll realize why training with intention is so important. Harmony and balance of the body doesn’t just exist because we want it to, and there is no ‘cookie-cutter one fits all’ program for any person. Everybody has a unique posture, a native holding pattern, habits that they wear in their bodies. It takes rewiring your body in order for balance and efficiency to be restored.

Through awareness exercises and three-dimensional movement, it is possible to break patterns, change behaviors and open up new possibilities. If you want to be healthier, you must train in a way that promotes longevity of tissue, muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and everything in between. This is where training smarter versus harder and understanding constructive movement versus destructive movement comes in. 

When you can measure, see, and feel your own progress, it not only encourages you but can lead to long-lasting changes in any current condition you might be experiencing. But if you recklessly beat your body up when exercising, you end up irritating the joints, which can cause even more inflammation of the muscles, driving inefficient patterns deeper. Using biomechanics and alignment based methods will reduce stress on tissues and increase joint adaptability and motion.

The primary benefit of biomechanics training, besides the reprogramming of your muscles, is the new space it creates in your body. When you remove an obstruction or limitation, it opens up for unity, or ‘connectiveness’ to occur elsewhere in the body. When your muscles and joints can perform their function – and when they are able to create space where there was no space – your nerves, arteries, veins, gastrointestinal tracts, basically all the parts of your nervous system, open up to improved functioning. Training with biomechanics is not just about muscles, heart rate, strength, power and all that jazz. All that will be a result of it, yes, but more importantly, other parts of your body will improve in their ability to do their jobs. 

So, here is the staple at Train Rugged: to offer you a sustainable way to grow and build your body so that it takes on a change of its own; to help you live without pain and, better yet, how to address that pain when it throws your life off course. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for; it could be health, fitness, competition, rehab, relaxation. Whatever the goal, alignment training with biomechanics will dramatically impact your life in a positive way. At Train Rugged the priority is to train you for daily life; to walk, sit, stand, run, throw, pick up, put down, reach for, and do everything else you want to do with more ease and understanding. At Train Rugged, you will learn to train with understanding and control of your body. Are you ready for this great change?

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