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Physiotherapy can be one of the greatest additions to any sort of physical training regimen. It isn’t just for injuries. I actually integrate physiotherapy practices and techniques into my training sessions all of the time (for both my clients and myself). Often times the combination of physiotherapy, yoga, and personal training can help reduce somebody’s chronic pain symptoms, or any performance stagnation. Using only one method to improve the way your body works usually doesn’t work because each training domain has a specific focus.

For example, physiotherapy often times targets specific tissues that are maladapted to the joint. So there are lots of isometric movements, isolated exercises, directing specific feedback to one localized area (think acute pain). Physiotherapy is most useful for post surgical interventions or when your MD doesn’t think surgery is the next step, but doesn’t know where else to send you.

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However, something like personal training is more geared toward building an entire system. Physical training has a large emphasis on movement, or the motions of bones, and their relationships with one another. Personal training also has a large emphasis on building somebody’s cardiac system, as well as their metabolic system through the implementation of energy system training. I would use physiotherapy to help get back to where I was, and employ real personal training to get beyond where I was.

Yoga, for example, is really more of a mind practice. Yoga is the term I’ll use, though all I really mean is integral strength. Strength that is fundamental. Control of your joints that is so incredibly basic that everybody should make this kind of training a top priority. It involves going slow, keeping your parasympathetic system active most of the time, and really doing the work to keep your joints healthy and circulatory system robust. Think of this as personal hygiene for your joint and connective tissue system.

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Any of these disciplines practiced independently of the other leads to stagnation, chronic pain, and an imbalanced body. Without personal training your never learn to move fast (after all, daily life is fast paced, not slow), be explosive (like moving external objects from your core), or necessarily move confidently in the world (with uprightness and ease). Without physiotherapy you might not ever correct the imbalanced muscle relationship that is triggered each time you bend your knee. Without a “yoga” practice, you skip fundamentals of human motion. And so you see, you need to incorporate all systems to address performance stagnation and lingering chronic pain.

At my training studio on The Mesa in Santa Barbara I teach people corrective exercises to balance their body, as well as how to move in a pain-free way that relates to their every day life. We use mind centering methods to restore optimal ranges of motion to the joints, all while conditioning the body to handle stress and adapt to its environment in more efficient manners. The goal is to help you feel healthier! So please come check out Train Rugged and experience what the future of training is like.

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First time consultations are complimentary! It allows me to take a thorough look at where your joints are, and where we need to move them in order to increase your functionality and overall well being. Train Rugged is the only personal training, bodywork, and physiotherapy space on The Mesa. We offer performance and rehabilitative services in private and small group settings.






Ready to take the first step towards improving the way you feel and function? Take advantage of my offer for a free consultation. I offer personal training, sports massage and bodywork services in Santa Barbara, CA. Through a holistic approach to physical fitness and whole-body wellness, I can help you be your best self.

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