The shoulder joint is unique for several reasons relative to the other joints in the body, and it is important that we remember to train it, and the scapula separate from the rest of the body. We want to work the full range of motion to develop end-range strength using controlled articular rotations of the body. It doesn’t matter what your lifestyle is like, and what you already use to train. This fundamental basic is a must for everybody and anybody who cares about maintaining their shoulder health and functions.

The focus is on irradiating, or- contracting your body with conscious effort to create as much circumduction of the working shoulder as possible (working arm is arm performing controlled articular rotations). Use a tennis ball to squeeze in the opposing arm, think about pressing your heels down, apart, and out, breathe into your low abdomen and become like a solid force. Strong from head to toe, and keep your breaths shallow to better concentrate on all these cues.

As often as possible. Get to know your end ranges, notice how far apart you stand from the wall (closer is harder, farther away is easier). The sticking points are the most important times to SLOW DOWN and breathe into the difficult positions. This works your shoulder in all of the ranges, and will help you to develop attention to your biomechanics.

Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions!


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