Female Athletic Training

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Training the Female Athlete

Women and men’s bodies differ in various ways. Because of that women, teenager or adults, need to be trained differently than the standard ‘one size fits all’ exercise regimen. These fitness sessions focus on developing the female athlete and educating them on how their training differs to a man’s. Women’s bodies metabolize food differently, and build muscle differently than men. From the hips to the ankles, from the waistline to the shoulder line, women have different strengths than men. For this reason I develop workout routines for women to empower them and help them tap into their true potential.

My women’s program will help build confidence in you and show you how to tap into inner strength and improve awareness of your body. The movements will be similar to what I train men with, however the degree of focus will shift. For example, we may focus more on upper body strength and hip/knee/ankle strength because women typically have a narrower shoulder and a wider hip. Fantastic for teenage athletes, as well as women of all ages. My program will help tune you into your body and learn about things you might not have known about.


Your first-time assessment is free. This is where you and I meet and talk about who you are and what you want. From there, I’ll assess your current level of fitness, movement, and recommend a training plan tailored to meet your goals while accommodating your lifestyle. After each session, I often assign “take-home” exercises for you to practice on your own. Instructions for these exercises will be provided via email and/or video content to help you remember what you have learned.

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Schedule Your Free Assessment

I understand the importance of getting to know your personal trainer before committing to a long-term training plan. To schedule a free session, complete the form below and I’ll contact you to set up a good time.

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