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Have a specific goal in mind? Feel like accomplishing something specific or broad? Maybe you want more lengthening of your spine, maybe you want to be able to run a mile. For some people they want to feel stronger and more balanced. For this reason I use alignment training to coach people for a functional life. As your personal trainer, I hold you accountable and develop programs and movement patterns specific to your individual needs. Functional training is personal training geared towards making you more well-rounded in your day-to-day movement. Using a variety of movements and constantly changing elements to build your body as a dynamic, integrated well-functioning system. These training sessions hone in on your weaknesses, fine tune your strengths, and build your overall health. No two sessions look 100% identical: that is the bread and butter of Train Rugged’s philosophy.

Personal training with a focus on functional movement is perfect for anyone looking to:

  • Accelerate their training progress by learning proper biomechanics
  • Improve energy systems, both short speed and long endurance
  • Stay in better shape for the curve balls life throws us
  • Educate themselves about their anatomy and physical movement
  • Have a healthier feeling and better performing body
  • Build stronger neurological connections
  • Lose excess weight and reduce stress through movement training

If you’re trying to get on higher ground in life, I recommend weekly sessions with your personal trainer. That affords us ample opportunity to build our relationship and better pave the path for your success.

In these personal training sessions you will learn new exercises, correct old patterns, and tackle the necessary skills for you to take your training to the next level. No matter your focus, we can address it most efficiently in a 1-to-1 setting. Using a limitless set of movements we will target your unique needs. Since each of us has a different body and biology, no two sessions look the same. Training sessions last from 30-90 minutes and include a warm-up, strength work, introduction to new skills, light conditioning, and a cool-down or restorative piece to bring your body back to neutral.

Drawing from several backgrounds to elicit the desired training effect, one of my cornerstone methods is something called Alignment Training. I coach you to work as an entire unit, being precise with each movement, utilizing your mind and your body.

Foundations in these sessions will include:

  • Developing awareness of diaphragm, core, and glute engagement
  • Understanding Intra-Abdominal Pressure and how to carry it over to life and movement
  • Learning the difference between constructive kinetic sequencing and destructive patterns
  • Building antigravity muscle relationships and not only ‘gravity’ muscle relationships
  • Feeling what it means to use biomechanical efficiency to create power, speed, and rhythm
  • Improve your gait through walking, throwing, and running corrective exercises
  • Restoring vestibular accuracy and joint strength in end ranges of motion

Your first-time assessment is free. This is where you and I meet and talk about who you are and what you want. From there, I’ll assess your current level of fitness, movement, and recommend a training plan tailored to meet your goals while accommodating your lifestyle. After each session, I often assign “take-home” exercises for you to practice on your own. Instructions for these exercises will be provided via email and/or video content to help you remember what you have learned.

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