Posture & Breathing

Body Alignment, Posture & Breathwork For Better Movement

Breath mechanics are not as easily attained as one may think. We take ~25,000 breaths a day, and yet our understanding of respiration is small. Our diaphragm control, knowledge of how it works, and overall functioning is poor in the 21st-century. The good news is we can change that! Through regular attention to breathwork, you’ll be surprised to learn the benefits that come from this kind of training-implementation—namely, posture, body alignment and core integration.

Improved lung capacities will wake up dormant tissues, help find expansion in the body’s kinetic chains, and help create a sense of ‘lift’ off of the joint system. Improved circulation of the respiratory system will in term effect the vascular system, the lymphatic system, and so on. I invite you to learn where you are in space so we can fine tune your motor mechanics and set you up for better posture throughout your life. The benefits of improved posture are vast, and include:

  • Better grounding in the body 
  • A healthier low back with less low back irritation and pain
  • A more dynamic sense of pelvic floor health, from the office to the car or anywhere in between
  • An improved sense of where ‘center’ is
  • Strengthens postural muscles
  • Increases respiratory function
  • Develops a ‘taller’ less hunched posture
  • Can help alleviate chronic pains, gastrointestinal issues, sleep and mood

I’m bringing my training to the workplace and to your daily life by offering postural assessments, both when sitting or standing! Did you know that some of the benefits of better body alignment and posture include improved organ functioning, better circulation, more energy, and deeper more effective breathing?

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