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Redefining “Yoga”

Rob has worked collaboratively to create a new system of yoga based on the biomechanics of the human body. Drawing on elements of tai chi and qigong, this yoga combines his extensive knowledge of biomechanics with his experienced perspective on the variability of individual bodies. The unique yoga system prioritizes personalized biomechanical assessments for optimal stability, safety, and length. Train Rugged emphasizes the health of the spine and joints, and focuses on defying gravity so we can stay upright for longer. The ‘yoga’ styled treatments emphasize the health of the spine and joints, and focuses on defying gravity so we can stay upright for longer.

This format is perfect for anybody who wants to get become more adaptable and physically competent in the world—basically if you want to see gains in your strength, flexibility, and integration of your body, these sessions are for you. The class teaches you how to take control of your mechanics, while educating you how to relax overworking muscles that lead to postural compensations. Great for rehabilitation, injury prevention, the chronic sitter, and improving performance in any athletics. Each class centralizes around building the core, feeling the lifting off of the joints and what it means to create healthy tension throughout the fascial system. Defy gravity and leave each session feeling a bit taller!

My mindful movement lessons focus on correcting postural imbalances while strengthening your weak muscles and relaxing parts of your body that are overworking. Using a systemic approach, lessons go thought kinetic sequencing teaching your joints, muscles, and mind to understand what it means to create a “stretch” in your body. “Stretch” happens when origin and insertion of a muscle group engages to potentiate the path of connection, this allows other dominating parts of your body to let go and rest. This is the basic principle of taking the body weight off of the joints- leading to less inflammation and improved ‘lift’ of the body (engagement). Mindful movement will create a lasting response of heightened posture and and improved muscle function. If you’ve ever done yoga before, I need you to forget about 90% of what you know and come see how practitioners will be doing “yoga” in the future. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you can modify the class to your ability level.

The Future of Yoga

Your first yoga class is on the house. I want you to understand what it is we are trying to accomplish when doing yoga. Send me an email if you’d like to take me up on this offer you won’t find anywhere else.


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