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Online personal training is the way of the future. Whether it is online yoga classes, or fitness and postural training, virtual personal trainers are bringing their expertise and skill into your home. This week I’m sharing the simplest thing you can do for your neck; cervical, controlled articular rotations!

When you have back pain, address the neck. When yo have neck pain, address the low back! They’re a married couple and you want them to get along. They can help one another out. As a virtual fitness coach, I will show you the simplest and easiest form of personal hygiene for your neck. Conditioning your cervical vertebrae to move and articulate together is essential if you want a life without back pain.

Take homes:

– find an easy way to add this to your life. I suggest after brushing your teeth. Do 4 rotations in each direction
– engage everything South of your collar bones! hands, arms, feet, abs, butt, gut, all of it!
– go slow and breathe light

Having an online personal trainer is about having a teacher to help build your muscles, joints, and body in one cohesive, comprehensive, and conducive manner. Neck exercises, especially ones that target and isolate the cervical area, are essential for runners, walkers, tennis players, desk jockeys, yoga teachers, it doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is that your neck can move! Rid yourself of low back pain by using this simple core exercise and neck exercise.

My videos are not medical advice, they are merely samples of what I have my clients do. Hire an online personal trainer today and amplify your health and maximize your workouts from home. To learn more exercises from home, and to see samples of yoga classes online, or other videos pertaining to my work as a virtual personal trainer, check me out on Instagram or YouTube. If you need regressions or progressions please email me directly at



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