Since everybody has a different body, everybody has unique needs that are specific to reaching our health, alignment, and fitness goals. After our initial assessment, I’ll make recommendations regarding the frequency and intensity of your personal training sessions. Packages vary, though most athletes meet with me one-three times a week. For details about what is involved in Personal Training sessions please send me an email!

If you like to workout with a friend I offer 2-on-1 training as well. 90-minute appointments available upon request. Inquire to ask any specifics!

Structural Integration & Biomechanics Realignment
$450 / 3-series or $1800 / 12-series
90-minutes, a series of bodywork and training sessions centralized around balancing your head, spine, and hips. This kind of soft tissue work paired with retensioning of dormant tissues helps alleviate acute and chronic pain, soreness and dehydration while enhancing bodily flexibility, function and movement. Includes biomechanical assessment of where you are today, and exercises for you to do on your own.
One-On-One Training & Bodywork
$130 / session or $1,200 / 10 lessons
60-minutes long, can be any kind of training / movement therapy. Focus on sharpening physical motions tailored to meet your unique needs, lifestyle, and goals. Together we build your body and mind. $130 includes videos of movements and program of what to do on your own!
Myofascial Release Work
$150 / session
75-minute treatments use structural bodywork techniques from the following disciplines; acupressure, structural integration, shiatsu, deep tissue, reflexology, and PNF. Strategies are specific to each body depending on the needs you have. Includes self-care at-home exercises to do. Goal is to restore homeostasis to the nervous system.
Bodywork and Alignment
$180 / session
A 90-minute session dedicated to combining myofascial release and alignment training principles to help you feel lighter, more energized, and lifted off of your joints. Terrific for self-care, on going pain, or tidying up movement. We can work on pretty much anything!