Minimal equipment yet highly effective glute max lengthener

In this video we are demonstrating an easy, at home corrective exercise you can do to lengthen your glute max fibers. Why do we want to lengthen them? Because if your glutes are short, or tight, they aren’t going to be able to perform their movement function to its’ full capacity. (Note, the glute max’s primary concentric functions are hip extension, adduction, and lateral femoral rotation. This video will primarily concentrate on its eccentric functions, so hip flexion and medial femoral rotation).

When you don’t ever lengthen your glutes they will become underused, misused, or malnourished (hungry for nutritious joint movement!). The hope is that this video shows you how to find your glute max (it resides where your back pocket is) and begin to build its strength, endurance, and length potential. If you’re taller and the wall gets in the way too early when hinging forward, try using a longer foam roller or block.

Give it a try, send feedback or questions to me at