Personal Trainer & Sports Massage near El Sueno, CA


With Personal Trainer Rob Stephenson’s dedication and experience, you’ll look your best, you’ll function your best, and you’ll feel your best. Rob is now dedicated to offering professional fitness training, mindfulness coaching, and sports massages to the El Sueno, CA area.

Personal Training

Rob Stephenson’s specializes in a number of muscle, facial, joint, and nervous system integration exercises and techniques that help your body live stronger, healthier, engaged, and well-circulated.

Sports Massage & Physical Therapy

Make your body less fragile and more resilient in your day-to-day environment by improving the way your body responds to it. Sports massage, structural integration, myofascial treatments, and joint alignment can oftentimes accomplish what physical therapy can’t.

Mind-Body Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

Unlock your body’s full potential by combining the techniques that work for you from our mindfulness, yoga, and nutrition coaching.


Train Rugged offers training, sports massages and integrative health coaching to anyone living in El Sueno or the surrounding Santa Barbara, CA area. Our personal trainer and fitness coach Rob Stephenson can help you find new ways to be happier and healthier. To start living better today, complete the brief form below.

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Training & Sports Massage Specialist near El Sueno, CA (located in Santa Barbara, CA)


The way people feel—on the inside and out—is important to me. I have been active my entire life. For more than twenty years I dabbled in a variety of sports, coming to recognize that exercise and movement were tools through which I could achieve self-growth and confidence. As a result, movement and fitness became not just a hobby; it became what made me feel healthy…and what I would build my professional career around.

Today, my career in training & sports massage is targeted towards helping people attain a healthier mind and body. I draw upon both Western techniques and traditional Eastern modalities. I have been a certified personal trainer, bodyworker and sports massage specialist for more than 13 years.

Personalized Instruction

Rob has a superb ability to explain, motivate, and continually personalize instruction while using time efficiently and well. He brings expertise in strength training, yoga, and anatomy, as well as contagious curiosity and zest for each day.


Certified Personal Trainer & Structural Integrator in Santa Barbara, CA

Rob Stephenson is certified as a personal trainer and structural integrator. Over the course of his training career, he has eared the following certifications:

  • North American Sports Medicine Personal Trainer
  • Flow Motion Model Biomechanist: Gait Training
  • Board Certified Structural Integrator from Anatomy Trains
  • Functional Patterns Biomechanics Practitioner
  • Postural Restoration Certified: Posture and Diaphragm Restoration
  • Functional Anatomy Specialist: Range Conditioning, Tissues Release, Range Assessment & Joint Conditioning

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Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Rob trains clients from El Sueno and all areas of Santa Barbara and surrounding areas of California, including zip codes 93101, 93103, 93105, 93108, 93109, 93110, and 93117

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If you’re in El Sueno or Santa Barbara, CA and are ready to transform the way you look, feel, and function, contact Rob to setup your free initial consultation today.

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